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The Pnar people are matrilineal. They speak the Pnar Language, which belongs to the Austro-Asiatic language family and is very similar to the Khasi language.
Pnar (Ka Ktien Pnar), also known as Jaiñtia is an Austroasiatic language spoken in India and Bangladesh. Pnar. Jaiñtia. Ka Ktien Pnar.
Tools for simulation of multivariate count distributions, from linear and non- linear PNAR models, by using a specific copula construction. References include: ...
1. Basics · 1. Basics. Names. Pnar in India. Size. 319,324 · 2. Status. Status. Official country wide language. Official regional language. Official minority ...
9 окт 2023 · Quasi likelihood-based methods for estimating linear and log-linear Poisson Network Autoregression models with p lags and covariates. Tools for ...
Pnar. The Austroasiatic group known as Khasian or Khasic in Northeast India (in the North-West of the Austroasiatic area), is a group that actually should ...
29 јан 2024 · Deep within the hills of Meghalaya, India, resides the Pnars. They are a vibrant sub-tribe of the larger Khasi people.
Although traditionally described as a dialect of Khasi,. Pnar exhibits key differences in pronunciation, lexicon, and syntax. According to native speakers of ...
Pnar, Khasi and Lyngngam cardinals belong to a Pnaric system which slightly differs from a War one, more conservative from an AA viewpoint. Numerals expressing ...
Listing of all countries that the Pnar people group live in. Includes photo, map, progress indicator and statistics.
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