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Learn how to use the 'ip route' command to create a static route on the router. The 'ip route' command defines a static route for a specific destination network and needs the destination network address, the local interface, or the IP address of the next-hop router. See the syntax, parameters, arguments, and options of the 'ip route' command with examples.

Learn how to use the ip route command to configure and manage IP routes on Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches. The command reference provides syntax, description, usage guidelines, examples, and command history for different modes and options of the ip route command.

Learn how to use the ip route command to display, add, delete, change, and append static routes in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. See examples, formats, and options for configuring static routes by host or network address.

Learn how to use the Cisco "show ip route" command to examine the routing table of a router device in a network. See the output from different routing protocols (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF) and the meaning of the codes and fields in the routing table. Find out how to configure and troubleshoot dynamic and static routes on Cisco routers.

Learn how to use the ip route and ip routing commands to establish and enable static and dynamic routes on Cisco NFVIS switches. See syntax, description, default values, and examples for each command.

Learn how to use ip route command to manage the IP routing table of Linux systems. See the syntax, supported options, differences with other commands, and advanced routing features.

Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switches. Command References. Command Reference, Cisco IOS XE Amsterdam 17.2.x (Catalyst 9200 Switches) Bias-Free Language. Download. Updated: March 30, 2020. Chapter: IP Routing Commands. Chapter Contents. accept-lifetime. address-family ipv6 (OSPF) area nssa. area virtual-link. authentication (BFD) bfd all-interfaces.

The ip command can be used for the following tasks on Linux: Show / manipulate routing. Also, show / manipulate devices. Policy routing. Tunnels. Set or view IP address. How to view or display Linux routing table on Linux. Type the following command to see your current Linux kernel routing table: $ ip route show. OR. $ ip route list.

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